John Wragg R.A. (b.1937)
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Bouquet by John Wragg R.A.
Bouquet. 1961
Figure  by John Wragg R.A.
Figure . 1965
Ibis by John Wragg R.A.
Ibis. 1965
Maquette for Between Blue and Blue by John Wragg R.A.
Maquette for Between Blue and Blue. 1966
Small Idol I by John Wragg R.A.
Small Idol I. 1964
Small Idol II by John Wragg R.A.
Small Idol II. 1965
Squeeze by John Wragg R.A.
Squeeze. 1965
Triptych by John Wragg R.A.
Triptych. 1986


Sculptor, painter and teacher, born in York, where he studied at the School of Art there from 1953-6 and then to the Royal College of Art from 1956-60. Wrag taught at Chelsea School of Art in 1961. In 1960 He gained a Sainsbury Award and in 1966 a Sainsbury commission, which resulted in a metal sculpture outside the firm's store in the Kings Road, Chelsea. Initially a sculptor of mythical figures, such as his 'Romulus and Remus' at Charterhouse School; then abstract work; then progressed to polychromed resined heads, such as his Rilke series. He had the first of several one-man show at Hanover Gallery in 1963, later ones including Devizes Museum Gallery and England & Co, 1994. He was featured in 'British Sculpture in the Twentieth Century' , Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1981-82. In 1977 he gained an Arts Council Major Award and the Council holds his work. He lived for some time in Devizes, Wiltshire and was elected RA in 1991.