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Victor Pasmore (1908-1998)

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Metamorphosis(Linear motif) by Victor Pasmore
Metamorphosis(Linear motif). 1976 Sold
Square Development by Victor Pasmore
Square Development. 1975 Sold
Victor Pasmore, British painter and maker of constructions, who achieved eminence as both a figurative and abstract artist. His early paintings were figurative, but influenced by his fellow artists, he gradually began to experiment with pure abstraction. By the 1950's he had developed his own personal style of geometrical abstraction. His later paintings became less autere and more organic and this is the style for which he has become most well-known. In 1966 he moved to Malta and divided his time between there and London. Kenneth Clark has described him as "one of the two or three most talented English painters" of the 20th century.