Tom MacDonald (1914-1985)
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Painter, stage designer and lecturer, born in Glasgow. Macdonald was a close friend of the painters JD Fergusson and Josef Herman, whose studio he took over in the 1940s. It was in that decade that he began his association with the stage, directing and designing sets for the Unity Theatre, later painting sets for the Scottish Opera. As well as painting abstracts under the influence of Herman, he painted a series of Expressionist pictures drawing on Glasgow working-class life. For some years Macdonald also gave extra-mural lectures on art for Glasgow University. He took part in the inaugural exhibition of Compass Gallery, Glasgow, in 1969, and showed with RSA, SSA and Scottish Arts Council tours. He had a series of solo exhibitions with Compass Gallery. Third Eye Centre, Glasgow held his memorial exhibition. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art holds his work.