Nick Leigh (b. 1962)
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Falling Dynamic by Nick Leigh
Falling Dynamic. 2007 Sold
Splinter by Nick Leigh
Splinter. 2006 Sold


Leigh spent his early childhood in St Ives, where his father (the sculptor Roger Leigh) had been Barbara Hepworth's assistant for a number of years in the 1950s, and his mother was Bernard Leach's assistant from 1957. Thus since Leigh's earliest years, artists such as Hepworth, Leach, Wynter, Wells, Feiler, Frost, Mitchell and many others were friends of the family and visitors to their homes in Cornwall and subsequently Wiltshire. In 1969 a sculpture exhibition, which included works by Moore, Hepworth, Robert Adams, Denis Mitchell and Brian Wall, was held in the garden of Sorbus, the Leighs' Wiltshire home. Nick Leigh graduated in the History of Art at Warwick University in 1984. He worked as a painter and illustrator in London until returning to live in Wiltshire in 1992. In recent years he has exhibited in a number of group shows and has shown paintings and constructions with Milne and Moller at London Art Fairs.